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One Year Of Thankful Thursdays Book

Order SIGNED copies from Susan herself, of the #1 International Bestseller in 8 categories,     One Year Of Thankful Thursdays.

It's opening the floodgates of joy again through the life changing power of gratitude.

See what all the fuss is about and why it's taking the world by storm.


Bite Size Inspiration

Grab this BRAND NEW RELEASE destined for greatness as we get back to basics and refocus and refuel our lives through the transformative power of simple perspectives.

One sentence has the power to change your life, and the ripple effect can be endless when you share the good word!


Peace Of Mind Blueprint

Stop worrying dear friend.  It's time to open up the conversation about doing what we can for those we love the most in this world.

We all will eventually's what you do before you die that matters.

It's time to grab the reins, take control, and take intentional loving care of your family during their hardest time, and make no mistake, this is your responsibility to do as a Godly loving human being!

Fear is a liar! Take back your power in Christ Now!

Are you ready for your breakthrough?

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"Susan helps you turn down the noise of this world and tune into the real tangible hope that is in Christ, and gives you the roadmap to get there."

-Patty Aubery
President, Jack Canfield Companies
#1 NY Times Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul

--Patty Aubery, President, Jack Canfield Companies
#1 NY Times Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul

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